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Project - Silhouettes 

This project began as a "Happy little accident", as Bob Ross would say. Following a "Street Photography workshop that I volunteer to work at "Out of Chicago". That evening ,I went back to the "Crown Fountain"to once again test out what I had learned. That was confidence to ask people if I could photograph them.
I spotted a family and I  asked the mom if I could capture an image of the girls playing in the water at the base of the back lit, tower of water.  She agreed. Still nervous, I captured about four images.  A couple of them, my flash did didn't even fire.
When I got  home and reviewed images, What I liked the best, was the ones without light of the flash.  I went back the next day and I began capturing images of  silhouettes. Soon, I created an instagram page.   Then, I was able to show people what I was asking for and what I had planned to do with the images.  I was became amazed to see what people would do to get posted on social media.  At one point I began bringing props to get people creative and motivated.
I returned each weekend that summer, honing my skills.  The following summer, I found that the changing colored lights, were no longer working on the towers. But on the opposite side, the face is still visibly lit, spewing water from the puckered lips of random, unknown people. 

Visit SilhouettesChicago on instagram to see more.

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