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Silver Salmon, Lake Clark

Lake Clark National Park is located along the western shores of Cook Inlet in south-central Alaska.   The flight from Homer, Kenai or Anchorage is less than an hour.  Fixed-wing aircraft can land on the beach at Silver Salmon Creek.  The coastline along the southeast border of the park is also accessible by boat, weather and tides permitting.

Silver Salmon Creek on Lake Clark's Cook Inlet coast offers outstanding bear viewing and sport fishing opportunities for visitors.  Once you have arrived, area lodges transport their guests in trailers towed by ATVs.  Your guides will safely take you around to view bears in their natural habitat.  Guides communicate with each other by hand held radio which optimizes your opportunities for bear viewing.   

Both brown and black bears inhabit Lake Clark National Park, a vast wilderness that encompasses three mountain ranges, two volcanoes and a variety of ecosystems ranging from rainforest to alpine tundra. Black bears are found in most areas of the park except for higher elevations. Brown bears tend to concentrate along the coastline.   

At Silver Salmon Creek, coastal brown bears graze in the salt marsh.   On the Cook Inlet coast, brown bears can be seen grazing in sedge meadows, fishing or digging for razor clams on the beach. 

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